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At 32 years old, Nihad J. was diagnosed with a very severe liver tumor. The doctor who handled it also sentenced that Nihad would not live much longer. Day after day, the liver tumor suffered by men from Sarajevo, Bosnia, worsened.

But fate speaks differently. Allah, the Most Merciful, restores Nihad in total. Nihad, who was convicted of not having long time to breathe on this earth, to this day still lives healthy in his hometown.

How could this happen? Here's the story.

"In 2006, I turned out to have a liver tumor that quickly spread. A sick person only has one wish. So I went to the hospital and doctor, did the tests and underwent therapy.

I'm looking for a place that can cure this disease everywhere, but can't find it anywhere.

After the final examination, the doctors revealed that the only way for me to survive was to do a liver transplant in Maribor (Slovenia) or in Switzerland.

However, as you know, finding a liver donor is a very difficult thing. Not including being included in a very long waiting list - my time is almost up.

Since childhood, faith has taken root in the soul. I love Islam, and are comfortable embracing that religion.

There is no one in this world that can be compared to the values ​​and beauty of Islam.
That is why I do not want to leave this world without fulfilling my greatest desire - go to the Hajj.

So, in 2007 (7 months after being diagnosed with the liver tumor), I went to fulfill the fifth pillar of Islam.

At that time, I did not even imagine that I would find a cure for my illness there, in the holy place of Makkah and Madinah, thank God.

Upon arrival in Medina, I met an Imam from Visoko (a city in Bosnia, near Sarajevo). He saw that one of my legs was slightly shorter than the other, this was due to being injured in the war.

He asked about my health and how I traveled to the holy land.
I told him that the problem with my feet was nothing compared to the tumor that slowly killed.

The priest then said, "You have come to the right place. Did you hear about the healing properties of Zam Zam water? With God's permission, the water can heal, and for the intended purpose. Drink as much as possible, with the intention of being healed, and everything will be fine.


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