Water zam zam contains minerals that have the ability to cure diseases

Zamzam water has great meaning in the Muslim world, and is believed to have extraordinary medical properties. Muslims who drink holy water when they visit Saudi Arabia to perform the pilgrimage usually also take back a small amount of zamzam water to their home countries to share with friends and family.

Zamzam is unlike other water because it contains many important minerals that provide healing qualities and distinctive flavors. Testimony about the benefits of Zamzam drinking has been documented throughout Islamic history and proven by modern science, as reported by the Al-Riyadh daily on Wednesday (8/27).

Water zam zam contains minerals that have the ability to cure diseases

The Zamzam well is located in the most sacred place in the Islamic world, namely Mecca. According to historical sources, the Zamzam well was used 4,000 years ago for aquatic plants. Mecca itself is connected to several underground tunnels that lead to the Zamzam well, which is located 20 meters east of the Ka'bah with a depth of 40 meters.

In addition, water attracts a large amount of respect and praise in the Muslim world, Zamzam water is also one of the great pride of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Guardians of King Abdullah's two holy mosques have placed him in an important position in the care and maintenance of the Zamzam well to ensure that it is always available to pilgrims and visitors to the Grand Mosque. The Government of Saudi Arabia has also built state factories producing millions of bottles containing Zamzam every year.

Air zamzam also has a prestigious reputation on an international scale as it has been certified for health benefits. Specialist at Raja Faisal Hospital & Research Center in Riyadh tested Zamzam water samples and samples proved the purity of water and the presence of valuable minerals. Zamzam water is distributed in a 10-liter tube and constant and frequent supervision and testing ensures that water is healthy for the human body.

Using advanced technologies such as ICP-MS and ICP-OES, researchers have found that Zamzam water is rich in valuable minerals that promote optimal bodily functions. In addition, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) mentioned Zamzam water as an antidote to healing.

The well-known jurist and theologian, Ibn Qayyim, notes that Zamzam water has such a healing quality for it that humans can survive without feeling hungry. The incident was based on Ibn Qayyim's experience when an incident happened to him and he told in his book, "Medicine of the Prophet", at that time Ibn Qayyim fell ill for a long time on one of his trips to Mecca.

He sought a doctor or medicine, but did not find him. He finally drank Zamzam water and read Surah Al-Fatihah in every gulp. He claimed that the water became a shari'ah healed his body. After this incident, Ibn Qayyim took zamzam water as a personal medicine to be used on trips and when needed urgently.

Countless Zamzam water samples have been examined for the past 20 years. The valuable minerals they contain are chromium, selenium, calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium at levels that remain high and consistent for years. Zamzam water is very beneficial for those who suffer from calcium deficiency, because they can give them 3 grams of calcium per day. God willing.


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