The benefits of Green tea for the health

The benefits of Green tea for the health of the body are not mere figments, because green tea is a million-person drink that is rich in benefits and proven to be a herbal medicine that is able to treat various diseases.

Content on green tea

  • Powerful catechin compound
  • Active compounds of Proanthocyanidins oligomers
  • Active catechin compounds
  • flavanols, alkoloid and amino acids
  • Complete mineral consists of potassium flour, magnesium, manganese, calcium, zinc, sodium and others
  • Enzyme enzyme consisting of invertase enzyme, amilaase enzyme, glucosidase enzyme, Oximetilase enzyme, protease
  • Vitamins consisting of vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, K are good for processing the absorption of nutrients, accelerating the formation of bone mass and are important for the process of clotting or blood clotting in healing wounds and inflammation.

Green tea is rich in benefits that can be used as a beauty and health solution simultaneously

Green tea is a type of tea that is more healthy than other types of tea karen in green tea contains many active compounds, vitamins and minerals that are complete and low in caffeine. that's why green tea or green tea is very special.

Benefits of Green tea for the face
Gree tea has refreshing and cooling properties for facial skin that is in trouble, for example when it is having pimples.

Reducing blackheads
Compounds in green tea can dry, push and remove the contents of blackheads naturally without squeezing using the hands. take the green tea that has been mashed and add it with a little salt then apply it to the blackheaded part of the face.

To eliminate facial fatigue
Church rhinis require the power of the mind which requires a lot of energy so that the body and face suffer from fatigue which causes the appearance of the face to look sluggish and wilted. green tea is able to restore freshness and relax the nerve nerves on the face so that the face turns fresh.

To brighten dull and dark skin
Compounds on green tea can act as antioxidants that are strong and active in brightening the surface of a dull and uneven skin. Green tea can be a natural whitener that does not cause irritation. Wash the green tea water that has been left alone for one day then let stand for 20 minutes then rinse with clean water. do this method every day consistently.

To moisturize facial skin naturally
Vitamins and minerals on green tea can moisturize the dry face naturally even in the sun. Green tea can control the excess oil on oily faces so that moisture is always stable. puree the green tea and add a little masu then apply to the face as a daily mask.

To prevent the appearance of fine wrinkles on the face
Vitamins, minerals and complete compounds owned by green tea can be an anti-aging natural that can prevent the appearance of fine wrinkles around the eyelids and lips. Green tea nutrition can work from within by diligently consuming green tea every day after eating.

Acting as a sunscreen
Green tea can act as a sunscreen because it can protect the skin from damage from sunburn or from free radicals. drink green tea every day and before going to bed at night.

Tighten facial skin
Green tea is rich in various vitamins that can tighten facial muscles and nerve nerves around the face and smooth blood flow around the face so that the skin looks always tight. green tea water can be used as a face mask that has been mixed with a little egg white.

Fade black spots
All vitamins in green tea can fade black spots on the face gradually. spots will really disappear if someone is diligent in using blended green tea and lemon juice is added and made into a face mask. do this car repeatedly until the spots fade.

Treating stubborn zits
Green tea can control stubborn zits so that it can be cured with cepoat, namely green tea speeds up the process of drying acne and its contents are easily released by using special tools, this is done without irritation.

protect sensitive skin
Sensitive facial types are often susceptible to free radicals and easily allergic conditions that allow the skin to be easily irritated and infected. the compound and vitamin can protect sensitive skin from rash and itchy rashes during food, sunlight or dust.

Stabilize excess oil levels on the face surface
Nutrition on green tea can control excess oil in oily skin and stabilize it so that the face condition is not wet and shiny due to oil. oily face always causes the facial color to get dirty quickly.

Example of making a face mask

Ingredients :

Green tea
Lime juice
Green tea is mashed or add lime juice and add honey to taste. this herb can be used as a facial mask that is useful for brightening the skin, shrinking pores, moisturizing the skin naturally and fading black spots.

2. Benefits of green tea for body organs

Green tea has the ability to repair body tissue from damage and improve the quality of the body's health from free radical attacks.

Green tea is a powerful antioxidant
Green tea contains vitamins and compounds which can act as antioxidants that are active in protecting body organs from the attack of bacteria produced from free radicals.

For natural slimming
Green tea can accelerate the destruction of excess fat in the body and accelerate the decline in body weight quickly. Green tea drinks can suppress hunger longer but do not cause stomach pain

To speed up the process of removing toxins
Compounds on green tea can act as detox, which is able to bind poisons in the body if it is released through sweat and urine.

To smooth urine
Compounds on green tea can facilitate digestion and nourish the bladder so that urination is smooth.

Healthy heart arteries
Green tea can improve the performance of the heart and protect arteries from bacterial attacks and blockage of cholesterol. green tea compounds can break down the fat that forms crystals in the heart tissue.

Lowers cholesterol
Compounds on green tea can reduce bad high cholesterol that settles in the body and prevent the body from being attacked by cholesterol again.

Prevent high blood pressure
Blood pressure is often caused by emotional imbalances that indirectly interfere with blood flow and blood vessels around the head so that blood pressure increases. consuming green tea every day can prevent blood pressure from increasing.

Prevents attacks of heart failure
Green tea is good for the arteries surrounding the heart and destroys the blockage that is said to be the presence of cholesterol or fat that is clogging.

Improve brain tissue
Green tea can repair damage to brain tissue and avoid inflammation of the brain. all nutrients in it can help correct the imbalance in blood supply and oxygen in the brain.

Prevent Alzheimer's disease
Complete compounds on green tea can improve head tissue including nerve nerves and blood vessels throughout the head tissue. Green tea can sharpen a person's memory and intelligence.

Stabilize blood sugar
Nutrition on green tea can stabilize glucose levels in the blood and is able to break down the buildup of sugar in the body so that blood vessels are free from excess sugar deposits which will disrupt the smooth flow of blood.

Example of making green tea drinks

ingredients :

Green tea
Brew green tea in a medium-sized glass. let the green color look until the water gets cold. consuming green tea after eating siamg and at night before leaving for bed can speed up the fat burning process and improve the health of the organs of the body.

3. Benefits of Green tea for hair

Besides being beneficial for the face and health of the body, green tea is beneficial for healthy hair care, including repairing damaged cuticle tissue, sunburn or due to improper shampooing. Green tea can be used as a tonic or hair mask for everyday.

Moisturize the hair
Complete vitamins on green tea can moisturize the scalp from the body when someone diligently consumes green tea drinks and simultaneously treat the scalp from the outside when a hair mask made from green tea is used.

Fertilize hair
Nutrition on green tea can nourish hair and make hair look thicker, swollen and healthier.

Preventing itchy scalp itching
Compounds on green tea can stabilize oil or sebum that is on the surface of the scalp and stabilize the pH of the skin so that the scalp is protected from itchy itching due to fungi or bacteria that usually mix with sweat and dust.

Prevent hair loss
Green tea can strengthen hair roots so that they avoid loss, break and branch. Nutrients that exist on green tea are needed by the stem and hair roots as a healthy food.

Prevent baldness
Many serums made from green tea which are added by ginseng can prevent baldness on the head so that it doesn't get wider.

Improve the fragility of hair cuticles
Vitamins in green tea are needed by the cuticle of the hair to avoid radial fragility due to long-term free radical attacks or sunburn.

Make hair more shiny
Nutrients that exist in green tea can nourish every strand of hair and strengthen the hair so that the hair is not easily broken in the middle,

Prevents fungal growth on the scalp
The use of inappropriate shampoo or due to hair often gets the coloring process or straightening, the condition of the hair will experience pressure and stress. this triggers the growth of fungi on the surface of the scalp and will subside until it heals when someone diligently consumes green tea every day.

Strengthens hair from sunlight
Consuming green tea every day can protect the health of hair so that it is not easily dehydrated, dry and reddish. Nutrition on green tea can nourish every strand of hair and provide more defense against sun attacks.

Examples of making masks or hair tonics

Ingredients :

Green tea
Lime juice
for troubled hair it is strongly recommended that the hair condition be overcome immediately. herbal ingredients made from green tea are relatively safe and do not have side effects in the future.

compounds in green tea have the ability to treat hair damage and accelerate regeneration of hair cuticle cells. use green tea water that has been added with lime juice to apply to the hair and scalp and do a short massage so that the green tea juice can absorb well

4. Green tea has anti-cancer substances

Anti-cancer substances in green tea are active and fast in blocking the movement of abnormal cells in DNA so that the development of cancer cells can be destroyed immediately.

Protect the body from the growth of cancer of the pancreas, large intestine, small intestine, stomach, liver, ovary, breast, lung and others.
Prevent and block abnormal cell activity / movement in DNA so that it does not develop into cancer
Prevents the movement of benign tumors that can grow into cancer cells and damage certain body tissues
Inhibiting the movement of cancer cells so as not to spread other body tissues that can disrupt hormone balance
Prevents the spread of cancer cells and destroys the roots of cancer cells so that there is no room to develop again
How to make green tea concoctions

Ingredients :

Green tea
Lemon juice
Two drops of garlic water
Green tea is mashed and added lemon juice and then drops 2 drops of garlic water that has been previously squeezed. all of this is taken twice a week for prevention of cancer growth and can be taken daily for cancer treatment.

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5. Green tea for the body's metabolism

Compounds in green tea can improve the quality of the body's metabolism so that all organs such as digestion, liver, kidneys, bile, heart, lung and intestines remain in the best condition.

Speed ​​up fat burning in the body
Increase energy and improve cell metabolism
Can suppress hunger for longer without causing stomach acid to increase
Can cleanse the stomach and other digestion
Improve immunity
Increases the body's defense from infection
Prevent dehydration and relieve fever
Improve the quality and health of pancreatic function
Stabilize body temperature in any weather
Stabilize the body's hormonal conditions to remain stable


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