Is it true that Zam-Zam water can cure stroke?

Lately, the number of cases of hypertension, diabetes, or stroke in Indonesia tends to increase. This is due to the lifestyle of the people of the country who tend to be increasingly unhealthy. The problem is, the three diseases can have a very terrible impact, including triggering premature death.

Health expert Dr. Mursyid Bustami, Sp.S (K), KIC, MARS, who came from the National Brain Center Hospital said that one of the main triggers of stroke is hypertension or high blood pressure. If the blood pressure in the body is not controlled and coupled with diabetes that also cannot be controlled, then the risk for stroke will also increase significantly. Those who are over 40 years old also tend to be more prone to stroke, including middle-aged men and women who have experienced menopause.

What's interesting is, there is a belief that is believed by the wider community where if we consume Zam-zam water, then we can cure stroke naturally. As we know, Zam-zam water is considered to be very special water and even known to cure various diseases, including severe diseases such as strokes.

Only, according to Dr. Mursyid, until now there have been no studies that have proven that Zam-zam water is able to cure various diseases, let alone cure very deadly strokes. The emergence of this belief seems to have originated from personal experience which then spread through word of mouth or social media. There is a possibility that this is also caused by a suggestion received by someone where after drinking Zam-zam water, the body will feel much healthier and fitter.

Dr. Mursyid and other health experts point out that to state whether an object can be considered to cure a disease or not must go through rigorous research and supervision, not only because of personal experience.


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