Benefits of wudhu Before Sleeping

Ablution is one of the legal requirements for prayer. Besides that ablution has enormous benefits. Even fiqh scholars explain the wisdom of ablution as part of an effort to maintain physical and spiritual cleanliness.

Of course, every commandment of Allah SWT has wisdom and goodness in it. In doing ablution, five of our five senses are exposed to all without being swept away by ablution. Eyes, nose, ears & all body skin. This is truly amazing!

Benefits of wudhu Before Sleeping

The benefits behind the commandment of ablution are very large for the human body. Starting from washing hands and flicking fingers, gargling, inserting water into the nostrils, washing face, washing both hands until elbows rubbing the head, washing the ears, to wash the feet to the ankles.

The Prophet said, "Whoever sleeps at night in a state of holiness (ablution), then the Angel will continue to follow, then when he wakes up surely the Angel will say 'O Allah forgive your servant the fulan, because he sleeps at night in a state of holiness "(HR Ibn Hibban from Ibn Umar ra).

Then, how if wudlu is carried before sleep? Well, health experts in the world always recommend that we wash the mouth and face before going to sleep, right? In fact, a number of beauty experts have created beauty tools to maintain healthy facial skin. In addition, of course, the recommendation for ablution also contains a high value of worship.

If someone is in a holy state, it means that he is close to God. Because God will be close and love to people who are in a holy state.

First, calm the muscles before resting. Maybe not too much explanation but it can be proven in medicine that the splash of ablution water is a way to relax stiff muscles in activity. So if someone has done ablution, then our mind will feel calm, the body will not feel tired.

Second, lightens facial skin. Ablution can brighten facial skin because the excess of this ablution can remove impurities in the skin. The dirt that is attached to our facial skin will soon disappear and of course our faces will be bright and clean.

Third, angel prayed. Angels will always pray for protection for Muslims who always make ablutions before going to bed. Angels are creatures who always pray to Allah. Surely his prayer will always be answered by Allah. Therefore, it is always ablution to get the benefits and virtues.


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