20 Benefits of Prostration for Health in Islam

20 Benefits of Prostration for Health in Islam

Perhaps, many of us Muslims do not understand and understand what wisdom is there when prostration. It is necessary to know if Allah SWT does not create something in vain and certainly has advantages that even surpass our minds as humans.


Mandatory prayers and several other prayers are mandatory orders that have been given by Allah SWT. In prayer, there are many movements carried out and have been determined by Allah SWT. When praying, we perform prostrations in two forms, namely prostration physically and also prostrate spiritually in the form of our obedience to the commands of Allah SWT. There are many benefits of prostration that we always do when praying and the following is a full review.

"You must increase prostration (multiply prayer) to Allah. Because you do not multiply prostration because God but Allah will exalt your degree and abolish your sins. '"Then Ma'dan said," I also met Abu Darda' and asked the same thing. Then Abu Darda's friend answered as Tsauban answered me. "(Narrated by Muslim no. 488)

"My servant is not close to me with the practice of prayer until I love him too. If I love him, then the hearing he uses to hear, the vision he uses to see, the hand he uses to touch, and the foot he uses to walk will I give taufik "(Narrated by Al Bukhari no. 6502).

Launching lymph fluid flow
When performing prostration, then the forehead, nose, knees, both palms and also the tips of the feet are parallel to the ground or earth. Earth's gravity will be useful for smoothing the flow of lymph into several body parts such as the armpit, neck and head.

Flowing Oxygen
Prostration also makes the position of the heart above the brain so that blood can flow better while launching oxygen and eventually will improve the function of billions of nerve cells in our body.

Facilitating Labor
In contrast to the prohibition of pregnant women according to Islam, prostration is a recommended thing to do. For women who are in pregnancy, sjud has the use of maintaining a good fetal position in the womb. If the position of the fetus is naturally transverse or breech coincidence, then the movement that is on prostration is very helpful to restore the position of the fetus to the right place and in the medical world prostrating is known as knee chest position.

At prostration where the hips and waist are lifted over the head and chest, the abdominal muscles will contract fully so it is good to train the organs around the abdominal area and eventually can push for longer during childbirth. In labor, women also need good breathing techniques and can be fulfilled by prostration.

Promotes digestion and prevents hemorrhoids
When prostration, the knees will be bent and this is very useful for dealing with spasms or muscle cramps that occur on both knees. In addition, bowing and putting your forehead on the ground is a good way to facilitate digestion in the stomach. While menungging then put both hands, knees, toe and forehead useful to prevent hemorrhoids.

Improve the function of the mammary gland
Prostration is also a good exercise to train several muscles in the body such as the chest muscles in women. When prostration, then the upper body load will rest on the arms to the palms and this makes the chest area muscles contract so that the milk glands in women can be repaired so that more milk is produced.

Improve Brain Intelligence
Doing prostration regularly will make the blood vessels in the brain more smoothly get oxygen supply. At prostration, the position of the heart above the head makes the blood flow smoothly to the brain so that various cells in the brain can function better.

Prevent Face Skin Disease
When you prostrate, the blood flow to the brain and face area will be more smoothly. This more smooth blood flow will prevent various facial skin diseases such as pimples, black spots or blackheads.

Breathe Better
When breathing normally, one third of the air will be stored in the lungs, but when prostrating, abdnormal fetra will further suppress the diaphragm area. This causes the diaphragm to expel air left in the lungs so that humans can breathe better while nourishing the lungs of the lungs.

Strengthens Calf Muscles
When you want to stand up from prostration, the calf area places pressure so that the calf muscles are also increasingly depressed. The calf muscle in medical language called peripheral heart will pump blood smoothly to all lower body parts.

Eliminating dizziness and migraines
The most important human organ, the brain, is the center that regulates all activities. This organ will get a better supply of oxygen and blood by prostrating. This makes us able to eliminate or prevent dizziness and migraines, sharpen our mind and mind while increasing one's mentality. In addition, the fine blood vessels in the brain will also experience excessive pressure so they can prevent strokes.

Strengthens Some Body Muscles
Sujud is also very good for moving a number of muscles in the body such as shoulder, neck, chest, stomach and back muscles. The movement of this muscle will build muscle stronger and elastic as well as blood circulation.

Overcoming Insomnia
For those of you who suffer from insomnia or difficulty sleeping, regular prostration during prayer is strongly recommended. Difficulty sleeping or insomnia can occur because the blood flow is not smooth in the body and also excessive stress. This prostration movement is very beneficial for blood circulation in the body so that finally we can sleep more deeply and at the same time become a way to relieve stress in Islam.

Improve the Psychological Side
From a psychological standpoint, the movements carried out from prostration also make us feel inferior before God Almighty and at the same time eliminate many arrogant qualities, especially in Islam and various other bad traits so that we can finally become better people.

Overcoming Joint Disorders
When performing takbiratul ihram with a standing posture, lifting both hands parallel to the ear and then folding it in front of the chest or abdomen is very useful for smoothing the blood flow, accelerating oxygen and avoiding various joint disorders especially in the upper body.

Prevent Stomach Wave Pain
The movement of muscle parts that occur during prostration is very good for women who will deliver. Peranakan organs will be very easy to go back to the original place and avoid stomach pain or known as convulsions.

Reducing Pain Appendix
Pain in the appendix or spleen can also be overcome by prostration regularly. When doing a number of gestures in prostration, this is very good for relaxing and balancing the back of the body.

Relieve Hernia Pain
Hernia is a disease that can occur when there are organs that suppress through muscle tissue or surrounding tissue that weakens. Some causes of hernia are sudden increase in excess weight and also accumulation of fluid in the abdomen or abdominal cavity. The movement carried out during prostration is very good for reducing fluid buildup in the abdominal cavity so that hernia pain can be reduced.

Reducing anxiety and stress
Prostration is a very perfect physiological process so that the brain can stay awake while increasing neurogenesis, plasticity and various other benefits so that it can reduce excessive anxiety, stress and fear of things and overcome the causes of anxiety in Islam.

Increases Tranquility
Prostration is not only useful for improving physical health, but also useful for a person's psychological and psychological well-being. Someone who regularly performs prostration in accordance with the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad is peace. This tranquility will make us more grateful for the blessings and blessings that Allah SWT has given us so that it keeps us from being arrogant in Islam and draws closer to Allah SWT.

Beautify Body Shape
Prostration is also one way to train a lot of muscle strength like the chest muscle. When prostrating, the upper body will rest on the arms and palms so that the chest cavity will contract. This makes the body parts, especially the chest, more beautiful if you prostrate regularly.


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