15 Benefits of Kiwifruit for Health

Kiwi are small fruits that resemble sapodilla fruit shapes. Besides the delicious taste, the benefits of kiwi fruit are so much for the health of the body. Green flesh and has a sweet and sharp taste, full of nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, folate, and potassium.

Kiwifruit also has many antioxidants and is a good source of fiber. Small black seeds in kiwi fruit can be eaten, as well as brown skin, but many prefer to peel the kiwi fruit before eating it.

Kiwi fruit can bear fruit throughout the year at different locations. Kiwifruit grows in California from November to May, and in New Zealand from June to October. Besides being consumed fresh, kiwi can also be obtained in supplement form.

Kiwi fruit which is rich in nutrients is very good for body health. But not only that, the efficacy of kiwi fruit is also good for your skin and hair because it contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that play an important role for your healthy hair.

Benefits of Kiwifruit for Health

Benefits of Kiwifruit for the Body
Here are 15 benefits of kiwifruit that you can get for your body's health.

1. Prevent hair loss
Kiwifruit is rich in vitamin C which is a very powerful antioxidant. This vitamin has an important role in the formation of collagen which prevents branching hair. Take advantage of kiwi fruit can prevent hair loss problems that often interfere with many people when taking it regularly.

2. Encourage hair growth
Thanks to vitamin C, the benefits of kiwi fruit can stimulate hair growth by maintaining microcirculation that supplies blood to the hair follicles. Kiwi is also rich in vitamin E which will enhance hair growth thanks to its ability to improve the body's immune system that supports healthy circulation and strengthens oxygen intake.

3. Overcome hair problems
Kiwi extract and kiwi oil are rich in several types of vitamins and nutrients that can help maintain healthy skin. The use of both topical kiwi extract can treat skin problems such as dandruff, dry and rough hair. As a result, your hair will be healthier, softer and more beautiful.

4. Helps your digestion with enzymes
Kiwifruit contains actinidain, a protein solvent enzyme that can help digest foods such as papain in papaya or bromelain in pineapple.

5. Helps regulate blood pressure
The benefits of kiwi fruit can help keep electrolytes balanced by counteracting the effects of sodium, because these fruits contain abundant potassium.

6. Protect from DNA damage
A study by Collins, Horska, and Hotten showed that a unique combination of antioxidants in kiwifruit helps protect cell DNA from oxidative damage. Some experts suggest that the benefits of this kiwi fruit can help prevent cancer.

7. Increase immunity
The high content of vitamin C from kiwi fruit along with other antioxidant compounds has been shown to boost the immune system.

8. Supports weight loss
The low glycemic index in the kiwi and high fiber content means it will not create a strong insulin boost like other fruits with high sugar content - so the body will not respond by storing fat.

9. Improve digestive health
Kiwifruit is a good source of fiber. The efficacy of kiwifruit can prevent constipation and other intestinal problems.

10. Helps cleanse toxins in the body
In addition to nourishing your digestive system, the cracks on kiwifruit help to bind and remove toxins from your intestinal tract.

11. Helps fight heart disease
Eating two to three kiwifruit a day has been shown to reduce blood clotting potential by up to 18 percent and reduce triglycerides by up to 15 percent. Many people use aspirin to reduce blood clots, but this causes many side effects including inflammation and intestinal bleeding. Benefits of kiwifruit as the same anti-freezing without side effects, only additional health benefits.

12. Kiwi is suitable for diabetics
Kiwi is included in the "low" category of the glycemic index, which means it doesn't raise your blood sugar quickly. It has a glycemic load of 4 which means it is safe for diabetics.

13. Protects against macular degeneration and other eye problems
Macular degeneration is the main cause of vision loss in older adults. A study of more than 110,000 men and women showed that eating 3 or more servings of fruit per day reduced macular degeneration by 36 percent. This is thought to be related to the high levels of lutein and zeaxanthin from kiwi - both of which are natural chemicals found in the human eye. Although fruit and vegetables were studied, the same effect was not shown for vegetables.

14. Creating an alkaline balance
Kiwi belongs to the "most alkaline" category for fruits, which means it has a rich supply of minerals to replace the excess acidic food that most people consume. Some of the benefits of the right balanced body acid / alkali are: young skin, better sleep, abundant physical energy, fewer colds, fewer arthritis and reduced osteoporosis.

15. Low Kiwi pesticides
Kiwifruit is on the list of foods that are generally safe from many pesticide residues. So it's no wonder kiwifruit are among the 10 safest foods in 2016. Although it's always good to support organic as a principal problem, it's also good to know if there is a big danger if organic fruit is not available or not feasible for you.

Well, that's the 15 benefits of kiwi fruit that you can get for your body's health. Now, kiwi fruit is easily found in supermarkets to traditional markets. From now on, don't hesitate to add kiwi fruit in your food menu, Healthy Friend!


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