15 Benefits of Fasting for Body Health you need to know

Having an always healthy body is the desire of many people. Various ways are taken starting from maintaining a diet to consuming additional supplements. However, you can also get health from fasting, you know! The following benefits of fasting are very good for body health:

1. Improve cardiovascular health
This is one of the main benefits of fasting, especially for people who have health problems related to the metabolic syndrome, which has many direct cardiovascular benefits. Fasting can improve cardiovascular function, blood composition, and blood pressure. Those who suffer from type 2 diabetes or high cholesterol may be able to undergo fasting to overcome some of the related health problems.

2. Lower blood pressure
When fasting, not a few people experience low blood pressure, especially during the first week of Ramadan fasting. But, not only the benefits of fasting can reduce blood pressure, also salt intake is significantly lower and increased salt loss through urine.

3. Reducing blood sugar
Only in the first few days of holding back hunger and thirst, can the benefits of fasting reduce blood sugar levels by more than 30%, this is a significant result for anyone suffering from hyperglycemia or high blood sugar levels. Decrease in blood sugar usually makes people feel reduced energy, but blood sugar levels in the body must remain stable when fasting.

4. Helps remove fat
Fasting or eating healthy fatty foods helps the body reduce fat or ketosis. Ketosis helps the body burn fat reserves. Excess central fat stored around the organs, such as the liver and kidneys, interferes with the functioning of the organs.

Fasting, especially intermittent fasting (fasting several times a day) can help the body achieve ketosis faster than calorie restriction. One study found that the benefits of fasting can significantly increase fat metabolism in the human body.

5. Improve heart health
The benefits of fasting for health can be healthy for your heart. Although research is still limited to animals, the result is that fasting is likely to improve heart health.

The researchers also found that intermittent fasting improves the performance of the heart muscle, reduces damage from free radicals, and increases blood vessel growth in the heart.

6. Make it youthful and prolong life
Fasting research to prolong life and inhibit aging is already well established in animals, but testing in humans is still in the research period.

A better composition of blood can prevent aging and better health. The benefits of fasting for health not only make it youthful, it also seems to make life long.

7. Reducing inflammation
The benefits of fasting for subsequent health are its ability to reduce inflammation. Inflammation causes a lot, but an unhealthy diet is a consistent source of free radicals and foods that cause inflammation. Refined sugar (refined sugar), refined carbohydrates, alcohol, milk, meat, and fried foods.

However, not only from food - metabolic reactions also produce free radicals such as superoxide and hydrogen peroxide. Skipping breakfast can prevent inflammation.

Another way to reduce inflammation is through better hormonal balance. Some studies have found that lower insulin levels and better insulin sensitivity can reduce oxidative stress caused by free radicals.

8. Increases cell regeneration
As we age, bad cells can multiply throughout the body unattended and this damaged tissue contributes to progressive disease.

The benefits of fasting for health make the body recycle cells, a process of digestion itself at the cellular level called autophagy. But you not only digest fat to refuel when fasting. The body also targets damaged cells and old tissues to optimize resources for survival.

The benefits of fasting on health can increase damage to cells and tissues that do not function through selective protection, which can protect healthy tissue because they respond to bad conditions such as hunger or fasting.

9. Protect the brain
Research on aging and brain function has increased substantially in the last decade. Life expectancy has increased far beyond what was once thought possible. Great public interest in brain health at all stages of life reflects the desire to be young, healthy, and with healthy mental abilities.

The good news, the benefits of fasting for health seem to specifically help the protection mechanism in your brain.

10. Reducing harmful protein production
There are many proteins and metabolic products that cause inflammation, especially in the brain. Fasting and limiting calories can inhibit the production of free radicals and irritating proteins such as inflammatory cytokines. Evidence shows that this can also inhibit brain aging and that the benefits of fasting can reduce free radical production, and protect you from its effects.

Interestingly, more evidence shows that not only free radical damage and the production of inflammatory cytokines slow down, but the production of protective cytokines increases when fasting.

11. Encourage a healthy stress response
Mild stress and rarely good for you. This is a challenge for the body, and you become stronger after going through it. Moderate, short stress in the brain gives similar results.

The benefits of fasting for health give a little pressure on the brain. This stress causes a series of actions that protect neurons from damage and death in experimental animals.

12. Helping injury recovery
You would think that fasting after an injury, especially in the brain that requires glucose, would make recovery more difficult. But the opposite seems true.

In animal studies, intermittent fasting after injury can improve brain function from strokes and diseases that affect the brain. At this time, the mechanism is not yet understood, so further investigation is needed before health practitioners can start recommending intermittent fasting for recovery.

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13. Healthy skin
Diets are important for the appearance of your skin, but fasting can also improve the character of your skin. High blood sugar changes the structure of collagen, weakening its strength and endurance. Because fasting substantially lowers blood sugar, you can think of it as a normal part of your skin care routine to prevent aging.

14. Improve the function of organs
The benefits of fasting for health will provide stimulation to all cells, tissues, and organs of the body. This stimulating effect will produce, restore, and improve organ function according to their physiological functions, for example the five senses become sharper.

15. Improve the function of the reproductive organs
This is related to the rejuvenation of cells that affect urogenital cells and other reproductive organs. Hormones related to sexual behavior problems are not only produced by the ovary organs (estrogen) and testes (testosterone), but also by the pituitary gland (producer glands of certain hormones).

Well, that's the benefit of fasting for body health that you need to know,


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