Benefits and Secrets of Ablution for Facial Health and Beauty

every day we as Muslims are certainly very familiar with ablution activities / activities. At a minimum, every time we will perform the prayer and every time we will read the Holy Qur'an (Mushaf Alquran), then we will inevitably perform ablution to purify before performing the worship according to the instructions / sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad and the commands of Allah in the Qur'an.

"O ye who believe, if you are going to pray, then wash your face and your tag up to your elbows, and brush your head and (wash) your feet with both ankles." (QS. Al-Maidah: 6)

The words of the Prophet Muhammad which were narrated by Bukhari and Muslim and At-Tirmidhi:

Narrated from Ibn Abbas radhiyallahu ‘anhu, he said: The Prophet sallallaahu‘ alaihi wa sallam said, "Indeed I was ordered to perform ablution if I wished to pray."
(Narrated by At-Tirmidzi, Abu Dawud, An-Nasa'i with a degree of saheeh)

Hadith from Abu Hurairah radhiyallahu ‘anhu, he said: The Prophet sallallaahu‘ alaihi wa sallam said, "There is no accepted prayer one of you if he berhadas, until he performs ablution." (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

Ablution becomes a sacred ritual, before we step on a prayer mat to perform prayer or other sacred worship. But did your friend know that performing ablution first is one of the habits of the Apostle. This means that ablution can be done at any time not just before prayer. We can do ablution before going to sleep, when we want to travel, when we are angry and so on. Why did the Messenger of Allah exemplify this?

Let's look at the following words of the Prophet Muhammad,

"Really my ummah will be called on the Day of Judgment in a state of glow because of the former ablution, (Abu Hurairah adds) then who is able to increase the length of the light on his body, then do it."
(Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

It turns out that what was blessed by the Prophet Muhammad and commanded by Allah SWT really had enormous benefits for us. Based on the results of the latest medical research, there are many secrets and benefits of ablution water and ablution activities for health and also for facial beauty that we may rarely realize and know.

Wudhu means cleansing ourselves. Both from dirt, germs, and bacteria that affect your body. Doing ablution starting from intention, then washing both hands, gargling, putting water into the nose and washing the head very clearly means cleaning the upper limbs. Then proceed to clean your hands to your elbows, then to the two ears, and clean your feet. The procedure mentioned is very good to help you maintain and care for your health.

Doing istinsyaq (inserting water into the nose) and isytinsar (removing water from the nose after the procedure) turned out to be beneficial for our nose health including also preventing the emergence of various diseases related to the ears, nose and throat (ENT). In fact, one true story happened to a billionaire from Arab Yemeni descent, who had symptoms of stroke, and who did not end up dizzy, it turned out that he was able to recover completely by undergoing istinsyaq and isytinsar therapy when performing ablution.


That is the demand of the Prophet's sunnah when performing ablution in the purification hadith chapter. ALLAH IS THE GREATEST !!!

Washing hands well until the wrists and until the elbows are repeated up to three times also keeps us from germs. Because most germicidal devices enter the body by hand. The cleanliness of the skin and moisture can also be maintained when you often perform ablution. Maintain cleanliness of the earlobe. Because the part that is rarely reached by humans when cleaning the body is the earlobe. And the last thing we keep is the health of our feet, both from the soles of our feet, toes and ankles.

Cleaning Our Hands. Germs that are around us without us knowing it often stick to our hands. Because there are so many activities that we do everyday using the functions of our hands. Therefore, with frequent ablution, we automatically wash our hands and keep us from attacking germs that are harmful to our bodies and our health.
Reducing headaches. In general, headaches can be caused by stress or psychological stress and the heat of the sun that hits our head. Therefore washing part of the head during ablution is a therapy to give a sense of freshness to our brain while providing a massage effect on the scalp. So by doing the process of washing the head when ablution can reduce the headaches that arise.
Prevent tooth and gum pain. A mouth that is always clean and free of germs will prevent us from attacking tooth and gum disease. Gargling when performing ablution provides the benefit of removing all the dirt and germs that cause tooth and gum disease in the mouth. By gargling the cleansing process of germs in the mouth, it will be more perfect because water can penetrate between the teeth and gums that cannot be reached by a toothbrush.
Avoid skin diseases. The process of ablution consists of washing most parts of the body such as the face, hands and feet, and between ears. Various skin penyaki such as phlegm, ringworm, or ringworm, can be prevented by always keeping the skin clean.
Maintain nose health. The nose is very susceptible to dirt, because inside the nose there are feathers to filter out dirt when we breathe, so that the dirt does not come into the lungs. Washing your nose when performing ablution means removing all the dirt that sticks in your nose, so that your nose will stay healthy and free of dirt.
Brighten our eyes. When we wash our faces in ablution, it is certain that our eyes will also be exposed to ablution, this is very good for your eye health. the water that hits the eye will make your eyes relax and refreshed, so your eyes will come back bright after working tired.
Cure insomnia. Do you often experience insomnia? Yep, insomnia attacks many teenagers. Even though according to health, sleeping too late, even early in the morning or not sleeping can damage your organs automatically. So the habit of insomnia should indeed be eliminated. How? Just take ablution water before going to bed.
Normalize heart rate. One of the ablution activities that has very good efficacy is when you wet the limbs into the water. This can make the normal heart to beat more stable. This result has even been examined by Doctor Ahmad Syauqy who is an expert in the field of internal medicine and heart disease in London.
Forms and efforts to stimulate the central nervous system. According to research conducted by Prof. Leopold Warner Von Ehrenfels, he is a psychiatrist as well as an expert in neurology midwives from Austria acknowledging something special when someone is ablutions. The most sensitive human nerve center is on the hands, feet and side of the forehead. These three parts can be said to be very sensitive in the presence of fresh water. So when you wash these three parts, you indirectly wake up and stimulate the central nerve.
Free from bad germs. Bad germs can grow and develop anywhere. Even on each of your door handles, on the bed sheet, or in the place where you watch television is a good place for germ development. Therefore, you must always be clean. Especially when sleeping. One solution is to do wudlu before going to bed. The latest research states that ablution can reduce germs that live in your body.
Relax your muscles before going to bed. When during the day, surely the activity you do is very much. For this reason, it is necessary to relax the muscles. The benefits of ablution before bed are one way to relax stiff muscles after a hard day's work. Even psychologically, someone who has performed ablution will look more relaxed. And your body will feel refreshed.

Prevent acne. Wudhu means cleaning, meaning that every time we wash our faces, the dirt and dust that sticks to the face will be lost wasted by ablution water. Imagine that in one day we do at least 5 times ablution which means that at least 5 times we wash our faces with ablution water and pimples that cause acne on the face are not given the opportunity to linger on your face for long, this will eliminate the occurrence of acne in your face.
Keeps facial skin moist. The next benefit of ablution is ablution to moisturize the skin of the face, because every time we wet our faces with ablution water, our faces will remain moist and will keep our faces fresh and radiant.
Make it young. Washing your face in ablution will keep your facial skin moist and healthy, it can also remove dirt and dust that sticks, meaning that your face will always be glowing clean and this makes your facial skin healthy so you will look young with ablution. Isn't it easy ?? for what we are spending a lot of money by going to the salon to get a face that is youthful, whereas there are ways that do not incur costs and are also very easy, namely ablution. Also read: How to get rid of acne and acne scars naturally and quickly How to cleanse dull face naturally and correctly How to permanently prove oil on the face How to whiten facial skin, hands, armpits & groin naturally
Emit innauteauty. The last benefits of ablution, namely, with ablution will radiate beauty from within or innocent, why because of the various positive effects of ablution will show a person's natural beauty, even without heavy makeup.

Our great prophet Muhammad always performed ablution before going to bed. As he said, which was narrated by a friend of the Prophet, al Bara 'bin Azib RA, he said that the Prophet Muhammad had said to himself:

"If you want to come to bed (sleep), then you should first perform ablution as your wudu to perform prayer." (HR. Bukahri and Muslim)

The Sunnah of the Prophet, which is a good habit, certainly has a good influence on those who do it. According to medical science, it is also very good for health. The last study was from Alexsandria University, Dr. Mustafa Syahatah, a dean of the ENT faculty stressed that people who perform ablution before bed have fewer germs than people who do not perform ablution.

Here are some of the benefits of ablution before bed for a Muslim including:

Getting closer to God. Berwudlu is a form of high worship. Because with wudlu we always maintain personal hygiene. While God loves and likes cleanliness.
Prayed by angels. In a hadith narrated by Ibn Hibban mentioning that someone is ablution, when he wakes up he will be prayed for by angels. See the following hadith:
Rasulullah SAW said: "Whoever sleeps at night in a holy state (ablution)) then the Angel will still follow, then when he wakes up surely the Angel will say 'O Allah forgive your servant the fulan, because he sleeps at night in a state of always pure "" (HR Ibn Hibban from Ibn Umar ra)

When you die, you will be considered martyrdom. In a book written by Sheikh Muhammad bin Umar An Nawawi Al Mantany in his book Tanqih al Qand al Hatsis states that someone who performs ablution before going to bed gets benefits. Namely when he died it was considered martyrdom.
From Umar bin Harith that the Prophet said: "Whoever sleeps in a state of ablution, then when he dies while sleeping, he dies in a state of martyrdom beside Allah"

The point is that someone who is sleeping in a state of holiness, ablution, then he will get a high position beside Allah. Masha Allah….

Thus the description of the benefits of ablution water for facial health and beauty. Hopefully we are always always eager to keep our ablutions at any time so that they are included in the group of people who gain a high position beside Allah SWT ... Aamiin.

May be useful…


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