The Miracle of Fasting for Body Health

The holy month of Ramadhan is a very anticipated momentum for Muslims in all corners of the world. For a Muslim, preparing yourself health is the main thing that must be considered, considering that for one month this body will hold back thirst and hunger.

Maybe some of us only know, the fasting that we lived for 1 month is a form of faith and piety we as Muslims in carrying out the 4th Pillar of Islam. But do you know? In terms of health, fasting activities will actually improve our health, and keep us from dangerous diseases.

When the command of fasting in the month of Ramadan Allah SWT delivered in the letter Al Baqaroh verse 183 ("O ye who believe, it is obligatory for you to fast as required for those before you so that you fear"), then for the believer it is a call of faith to Allah SWT. So that when fasting in the month of Ramadan it must be believed that there must be benefits, including in the aspect of health or healthful even though we do not know it.

Fasting in medicine and health means resting the digestive tract (intestine) along with enzymes and hormones, which usually work to digest food continuously for approximately 14-18 hours.

In the verse Al Baqarah verse 184 Allah says, "... And fasting is better for you if you know."

Medical and health experts from time immemorial until now try to express the benefits of running fast for human health, even making fasting as part of therapy or treatment of disease. In order to get health benefits from fasting, it is recommended that we at least run fasting 30-40 days a year.

Doctor Yahmin Setiawan, Director of the Rumah Sehat Terpadu (RST) Dompet Dhuafa explained, according to medical science from several studies, it was found that there were several benefits to running fasting for health, including the following:

First, when someone is fasting for 12-14 hours, our body can actually do the detoxification process (the disposal of substances / poisons that the body does not need) optimally. This detoxification process takes place optimally because the body's organs are not burdened to process food that we input during the day or other snacks. Substances that are no longer needed in our bodies (waste and waste from metabolic products) such as sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides and salt can be disposed of optimally so as not to cause diabetes and high blood pressure.

Secondly, in addition to the optimal detoxification process, when performing fasting, the cells in our organs can regenerate properly. This means that new cells in our organs can be formed properly and ultimately make our organs become "new" and work more optimally. This causes us to stay young.

Third, people who are fasting are demanded and accustomed to being more patient or not easily angry. By being more patient, actually the levels of kathekolamine in our body will be low. If the level of the substance kathekolamin in our body is high, it will result in an increase in blood pressure because the heart rate will increase, the blood vessels will narrow and the flow will be hampered. With higher blood pressure will cause the possibility of a stroke.

Being more patient and continuing to dhikr to Allah, actually will stimulate the immune system or our immune system to become stronger. So that we don't become sick easily.

Fourth, fasting can strengthen the immune system where the function of lymph cells will improve 10-fold. The cells responsible for our specific immune system multiply and other immune cells also increase. These things will increase the body's reaction to various diseases.

Fifth, for people with heartburn (especially the type of functional dyspepsia), fasting will actually cure the disease. Statistically, functional type heartburn sufferers (actually occurring due to stress factors, like snacks, irregular eating and smoking) are more numerous than those with organic heartburn (occurs because there are indeed wounds in the stomach or digestive tract). So that by fasting, people with heartburn can recover and be free from the complaints they feel.

It has been proven, that fasting is healthy. And the Prophet Muhammad SAW once said, "Fast, then you will be healthy (HR Thabrani)". Hopefully our belief will be stronger in fasting in this month of Ramadan and fasting properly and correctly.


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