7 fruit is most suitable for infused water, a healthy drink for the diet

For those who are trying to lose weight, they must be familiar with infused water. Basically drinks made from lemon, honey, water, and with the addition of mint leaves are consumed by people who want a diet.

The main function is actually to change the pattern of life that is healthier and avoid dehydration.

7 fruit is most suitable for infused water, a healthy drink for the diet

The benefits of infused water are one of them to promote constipation and become a drink full of vitamins, especially in the lemon. But over time, the infused water itself can be innovated with other fruits, so as not to be boring.

Well, but do you know, besides lemons it turns out that these fruits can be an alternative for making infused water?

Here are 7 pieces that are suitable for infused water, the brilio.net is summarized from various sources, Saturday (1/20).

1. Cucumber.
You can make infused water by adding water, cucumber pieces, lemon and lime juice.

2. Strawberries.
A mixture of water, strawberries and mint leaves also refreshes you from dehydration. But for making this infused water you can add other fruits like kiwi.

3. Kiwi.
Kiwi itself does not have a thick and sweet taste, so you can combine kiwi in infused water with extra strawberries or lemon and mint leaves.

4. Pineapple.
Because pineapple has a slightly sour taste, you can add honey in your infused water. Guaranteed as soon as possible!

5. Raspberry.
Raspberry itself is almost similar to strawberries. You can make infused water with raspberries, lemons, mint leaves, and a little sugar to taste. Honey can, too ...

6. Apple.
Apples are a refreshing fruit in infused water. You can combine other fruits, like cucumber or strawberries.

7. Starfruit.
For star fruit itself, it's still quite rare for people to make it, but you can make starfruit as infused water. You can only use one fruit, or you can add it with kiwi and honey.


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