5 Benefits of Kiwifruit for Hair Health To Be More Luminous

it turns out that kiwi fruit has extraordinary properties for hair health. Do you want to know anything?

Following IDN Times, give information about some of the benefits or benefits of kiwi fruit that are good for your hair's health.

5 Benefits of Kiwifruit for Hair Health To Be More Luminous

1. Kiwifruit contains vitamins C and E which help stimulate hair growth

Vitamins C and E contained in kiwi fruit can stimulate hair growth faster. In addition, the content of zinc, magnesium and phosphorus can improve the quality of hair to grow.

2. Regular consumption of kiwi fruit can reduce hair loss

In addition to stimulating hair growth, it turns out the content of vitamins C and E in kiwifruit will also promote blood circulation to the hair. If blood circulation is smooth, the problem of hair loss will decrease.

3. Hair will look healthy and radiant
Not only makes the body and face skin glow and glow, it turns out that kiwi fruit is also able to make your hair glow and shine.

4. Reduce dandruff and keep your scalp healthy
It turns out that vitamin C in kiwi fruit is also able to form collagen which will maintain the health of the scalp. If the scalp is healthy, dandruff does not dare appear.

5. Maintain moisture in the scalp so that the hair is easily arranged
Dry and unruly hair? Consume kiwi fruit, because the content of omega 3 fatty acids in kiwi fruit can help keep the scalp moist. Goodbye dry hair.

Well, that's the five benefits of kiwi fruit for hair health. Get ready for your hair to be more shiny!


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