4 Benefits of Kiwifruit for the Health of Pregnant Women

Kiwifruit has a distinctive taste that is sour and refreshing. This brown-skinned and downy fruit has green and soft flesh. It's easy to eat because the seeds are easy to chew and good for digestion.

Not just refreshing, kiwi fruit also has many benefits for pregnant women. Who likes kiwifruit?

4 Benefits of Kiwifruit for the Health of Pregnant Women

Nutrient content in kiwifruit

This kiwi fruit tastes sweet and sour. Kiwi fruit contains vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, potassium, and folate. Kiwi fruit is very good for the health of pregnant women. If you prefer to make the kiwi juice or mashed, then in a cup of kiwi it contains:

110 calories
157 IU of vitamin A
167 milligrams of vitamin C
2.6 milligrams of vitamin E
2 grams of protein
5.4 grams of fiber
31 milligrams of magnesium (Mg)
562 milligrams of potassium (K)
0.56 mg of iron (Fe)
61 milligrams of calcium (Ca)
0.23 mg zinc (Zn)
Kiwifruit is very amazing for health. Next Popmama.com mentioned the benefits of kiwi fruit for pregnant women:

1. Kiwi fruit can prevent cancer cells

The benefits of kiwi for pregnant women are the first to protect DNA. One of the ingredients of kiwi fruit is antioxidants. This antioxidant content is very good for the health of pregnant women, especially in protecting the baby's DNA. Antioxidants have the ability to prevent cancer cells from arising.

2. Helps regulate body weight

Pregnant women certainly experience weight gain. Growth can occur constantly because there are babies in pregnant women who also gain weight.

But there is also an abnormal increase in the weight of pregnant women. Pregnant women are too fat and their weight gain exceeds the proper calculation. This is certainly not good for pregnant women and can cause problems during labor later.

Therefore many pregnant women are advised by doctors to diet.

One way a healthy diet that pregnant women can do is to eat kiwi fruit every day.

Kiwifruit contains a low glycemic index but the fiber content in it is very high. therefore it can bind more fat than other fruits so that it can make the body become denser and not store much water or fat.

3. Helps improve immunity

The health of pregnant women is very important, besides taking care of themselves, pregnant women also maintain the health of the fetus that they contain.

Therefore, pregnant women should not be easily sick during pregnancy because it can affect the health of the fetus. Pregnant women can eat kiwi fruit because it is rich in vitamin C and can be used as an antioxidant to ward off all free radicals and increase the immune system for pregnant women.

4. Helps in overcoming hypertension during pregnancy

According to several studies conducted, the results show that kiwi fruit can be an alternative treatment for those of you who have high blood pressure.

This high blood pressure is also often experienced by pregnant women and if pregnant women experience high blood pressure will be very dangerous because it can inhibit fetal growth and development and can cause the risk of premature babies born.


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