14 Benefits of Blackberry Fruit for the Body

This blackberry fruit includes fruit that is popular to make as a dessert. Its soft nature is very suitable for use as an ingredient in making jam, jelly, and can even be used as a "wine" drink. Blackberry is also often used as an apple mixture and for baking.

Blackberry fruit has good properties to maintain body balance. Blackberry fruit has the ability to absorb oxygen radicals (Orac) to fight perosokil radicals, hydrogen peroxide, superoxide, singlet oxygen, and hydroxyl radicals. We can see this from the following benefits of blackberry fruit for the body:

1. Increase endurance

Blackberry fruit is rich in the benefits of vitamin C, even more than other berries such as blueberries up to 2 times as much. Ursula Arens, a nutrition expert from the UK revealed that vitamin C is very important for the body. Vitamin C is able to strengthen the immune system.

2. Maintain the function of the digestive organs

Another opinion expressed by Arens is that blackberries have a very high fiber content to meet 21% of the body's daily needs for fiber. High fiber intake will help the intestines function properly in digesting food.

3. Heal wounds

Blackberry has a lot of tannin compounds that help the wound healing process faster. Sarah Wilson, nutritionist from Princess Grace Hospital, London, revealed that by applying berries including blackberries to injured skin tissue will make the wound tissue constrict blood vessels, and help reduce bleeding that occurs.

4. Inhibiting the growth of cancer cells

Blackberry fruit contains anthocyanins which can also be called a collection of pigments that have antioxidant benefits. The anthocyanin content can inhibit tumor cell growth. In addition blackberries also contain flavonoids or can also be called C3G which functions to fight skin cancer and also cancer in the lungs.

5. Prevent cervical cancer

In addition to helping prevent tumor and cancer growth in the skin and lungs, blackberry fruit also has phytoestrogens compounds which are compounds that can inhibit cervical cancer cell growth and breast cancer.

6. Able to protect the eyes

Benefits of blackberry fruit can also protect the visual organs from the formation of macular pigments. Blackberry fruit contains luein which prevents the formation of pigments which are very easy to grow in the area behind the retina which receives a lot of light stimulation. The content of lutein in blackberries also helps prevent eye damage due to too much exposure to the sun causing ultraviolet radiation to the eyes.

7. Bone growth

Blackberry fruit has the manganese content needed by the body every day to build a strong bone structure, in addition to the benefits of calcium. Wilson, a nutrition expert revealed that the best nutrition for maintaining bone strength is manganese. A handful of blackberries provide manganese intake that the body needs every day.

8. Promotes cell growth

Blackberry fruit contains the benefits of vitamin B, especially vitamin B9 or can also be called folic acid. Vitamin B9 in the body will play a role in the process of division to healthy cell growth. Healthy cell regeneration processes can be supported with sufficient Vitamin B9 content, such as by consuming blackberries.

Therefore, many experts who recommend prospective mothers who are pregnant should consume this source of folic acid, in order to reduce the risk of birth defects.

9. Skin Health

Did you know that blackberries are also used for the use of skin beauty. With ingredients made from blackberry, it will help the skin look healthier and avoid wrinkles. How:

Prepare one blackberry spoon, yogurt, and honey as much as one tablespoon
Put all ingredients into a blender and puree until evenly mixed
The ingredients that have been mixed before
Then apply it to the skin of the face to the neck
Let stand for about 15 minutes then clean
You can also use it in other areas of your body, but of course you need to add more ingredients to the ingredients needed Perform the treatment once a week to get the best results.

10. Reducing the risk of anemia

The content of Vitamin C in blackberries will reduce the risk of developing anemia. Vitamin C, as we know, can increase the absorption of iron contained in foods that enter the stomach. The iron content that is fulfilled in the blood will reduce the risk of anemia.

11. Prevent heart disease

High fiber content on balckberry will help blood vessels to circulate blood more smoothly. This is very good for remove cholesterol that inhibits blood circulation. Bad cholesterol that accumulates will make the risk of heart disease greater. Consumption of blackberries helps to get rid of cholesterol that is not needed by the body to make the heart healthier.

12. Reducing the risk of diabetes

Besides being rich in fiber, blackberry fruit also has antioxidant content which helps to counteract free radicals in the body. The nature of these antioxidants helps the body to avoid the risk of developing diabetes.

13. Reducing Hypertension

Arens nutrition expert from the United Kingdom said that the benefits of other blackberries are to reduce blood pressure. Conditions will be very needed for people with hypertension. The high content of antioxidants and fiber makes blood pressure more smoothly and expels bad cholesterol which inhibits blood circulation.

14. Streamlining bowel movements

The practical benefit that can be felt by consuming the benefits of berries is to facilitate your bowel movements. The very high fiber content of the fruit is very helpful to facilitate our BAB process every day. High fiber content is found in the fruit, one of which is blackberry fruit.

Get to know Blackberry Fruit Plants

Blackberry grows a lot in the American region, precisely in eastern North America. Besides in North America, regions with temperate climates such as in Europe and the South Pacific are also found in blackberry plants. This blackberry fruit is purple when fully ripe and when it is young it is green.

Blackberry fruit belongs to the kingdom of plantae and is included in the unity of the genus Rubus. This plant is usually able to live up to the age of 2 years. Amazingly this blackberry plant has stick roots that never die. Blackberry fruit plants can also be called thorn bushes. Blackberry fruit has many types that come from different rubus species. This type of fruit can come from Rubus ulmifolius, Rubus argutus, Rubus glaucus, Rubus chamaemorus, Rubus caesius, Rubus glacinatus, Rubus fruticosus, and Rubus ursinus.


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