How to Use a French Press ? All You Need to Know

French press, cafetiere, coffee plunger or coffee pot. Many different names for the same device which adds a little class and culture to the average cup of coffee.

Thought to be invented in the 1800s, this infamous coffee maker was not patented and embraced until the late 1920s where an enterprising Italian man took it on and made numerous improvements to the design. Consisting of a narrow beaker/pot that is often made of either glass, plastic or metal, the French press also has a lid and a plunger or rod attached to a fine metal mesh which is used to push and filter the coffee downwards.

In recent years, the coffee plunger has had many makeovers, as the device is brought out at the end of dinner parties as an attractive means to have a social coffee between friends.

It is not just aesthetics that attract people to these presses, however. By immersing the ground coffee in amongst the hot water, more of the coffees flavor can be absorbed and infused, leading to a fresher, better tasting cup of the good stuff. When compared to a coffee percolator (or coffee dripper), the cafetiere coffee provides a much more appealing cup of coffee.

More recently, bars and restaurants have started to adopt the French press to serve coffee. It has very little overhead (cleaning and filling with coffee), and gives the drinker a sense of sophistication when topping off a meal.

So what should be on the lookout when buying a French press? Most importantly is a good seal between the side of the beaker and the mesh press, which ensures that no extra grains escape into your cup of coffee when it is time to pour it. Most often, the more established brands (e.g. Bodum, La Cafatiere) offer a sturdy build and quality, and you can be sure to get a good seal. You should also watch out for good insulating material for the beaker, so as the coffee does not cool too quickly as you are steeping the grounds.

One word of advice when enjoying the fruits of your French press is that even when you are enjoying your first cup, the coffee is still steeping in the left over water - so if you were planning on pouring out another cup or two, you do not want to wait too long.

Is a French Press Useful?

Every morning millions of people start their day with a piping hot cup of coffee. For many people this is the only thing that gets their day started and they wouldn't dream of going without it. The hustle and bustle of the morning routine often makes getting to the coffee pot a task in itself. The French press has become a popular way to make an excellent cup of coffee without spending a huge amount of money on an expensive coffee maker.

Coffee lovers who have done their research know that the press has been around for hundreds of years. This fact alone says something about the coffee maker, considering that most coffee makers come out with a new model every few years. The French press has made no significant changes, it continues to make coffee the same way it did when it was invented.

The usefulness of a coffee press is in its versatility. People in a hurry can put their coffee together in the French press and head out the door. This portable little coffeemaker will make the coffee while in route to the coffee drinkers destination. There are models that are designed for use on the go that trap the grounds and allow the coffee to be drunk from the same mug it is brewed in.

Many people find the press particularly useful in the office where there are many different people, each with their own idea of how a pot of coffee should be made. Some people like their coffee super strong while others prefer it milder. Some people want to use a flavored coffee bean while other people only want a cup of traditional coffee. The press is one way to have a cup of coffee made exactly how it is wanted. Coffee drinkers can take their French press to work along with their favorite ground coffee and make their java how they want it, not how the rest of the office wants it.

The French press is an ideal gift for coffee lovers who like to make their coffee one cup at a time so that they can insure that it is as fresh as possible. This gift is one that is sure to be used over and over again for many years. Many people who don't drink coffee but like to have it available for guests choose to keep press on hand. Because it is also ideal for making hot tea using fresh tea leaves, the versatility of the French press is not overlooked.

When considering the French press or any other coffeemaker it is important to determine if it is going to be useful. Coffee drinkers will find most any coffee maker useful; however, the French press is an excellent choice for those coffee drinkers who like portability and individuality in their coffee or who only drink coffee occasionally. It is hard to find a reason not to have a French press.

How to Use a French Press ?

Do you enjoy a good cup of coffee? Did you know most people make their coffee using a filter-type coffeemaker? These coffeemakers are the most popular selling types on the market. But there's another way.

A French Press is a coffeemaker that doesn't use filters. It's a glass beaker with a special top that has an attached metal screen on the end of a handle. The metal screen is circular and fits perfectly into the glass beaker. When the handle is pressed down, it pushed the screen down through the beaker, filtering out the grinds and pushing them to the bottom. You're left with a delicious cup of joe.
Traditional filter coffeemaker filter out many of the essential oils found in the beans, but a French Press allows those oils to remain, enhancing flavor and aroma.

If you're interested in trying one, you can buy coarse ground in any supermarket. Many supermarkets even have grinding stations where you can choose whole beans and then grind them on the spot.
The rule of thumb for using a French Press is to use one slightly heaping tablespoon of ground coffee for each cup you want to make. After adding the grounds to the beaker, add boiling water. Now put the top on, but don't press down on the filter yet. Let sit for around 5 minutes, then slowly press the handle down, pushing the metal screen through the water.

You've just made the best tasting, most delicious cup of coffee you'll ever drink!


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