5 Facts about the wonders of zam zam water in terms of science and health

WHO does not know about Zamzam water? Surely almost all Muslims know about this one water. All Muslims also know very well how the history of the zamzam water well has never receded even though there is no rain. Apparently behind the story of the zam zam water there are many miracles that can be explained in terms of science and health

In addition, zamzam water has never run out even though it has been taken by millions of people around the world during the Hajj season. Well, here are 5 wonders of Zamzam water that you need to know.

1. Zamzam Water Well Has Never Receded

The location of the zamzam water well located in the Grand Mosque area, southeast of the Kaaba is a location that is rarely affected by rainfall. And this is one of the wonders of the zamzam water well given by Allah SWT, even though it is located in a dry area, but the water in the zamzam well never runs out or recedes.

Every hajj season arrives, at least two million people from all over the world come to Mecca to perform the Hajj. Each congregation at least takes home about 5 liters of Zamzam water. Imagine 2 million people multiplied by 5 liters, how many million liters of water are carried by all pilgrims. Not to mention Zamzam water which is always used by local residents every day as a source of water. That is the miracle of the Zamzam water well, as a sign of the greatness of Allah SWT.

 wonders of zam zam water

2. Mineral content in Zamzam water

If we see, zamzam water is like ordinary water in general. The water is clear, fresh and tasteless. However, if you look at the mineral content, zamzam water is far superior to ordinary water.

As quoted from Dakwatuna, Zamzam water contains natural elements of 2,000 mg per liter, while ordinary water will not be more than 260 mg per liter. Of course, it proves that zamzam water is superior to ordinary water.

3. The Real Facts About Zamzam Water

In 1971, a doctor from Egypt said that zamzam water was not healthy to drink. According to him, the city of Mecca where the Zamzam well is located is an area that is below the sea surface line. In addition, he also considered that the water in the Zamzam well came from the rest of the disposal of the inhabitants of the city of Mecca.

That was denied by King Faisal who was very angry when he heard the news. Then, he sent zamzam water samples for testing in laboratories in Europe. After doing some research in Europe it turned out that the results were not what the Egyptian doctor said.

The following are some of the results of research conducted by Tariq Husaain from the research of seawater purification in European laboratories, summarized from dakwatuna:

-Air zamzam through a very unique natural filtration process, which is through layers of rock and desert.

-Air zamzam is free from germ contamination, due to the natural environment.

-The source of Zamzam springs naturally flows, without the help of a water supply machine. When searching for the source of the spring, it turns out that the water comes out from the bottom of the well.

4. Miracle of Zamzam Water in the eyes of Scientists

Evidence of the truth of Zamzam water is not only spoken in words but also with research. One of the famous scientists from Japan, Dr. Masasro Imoto considers that zamzam water has several features that are not matched by ordinary water.

According to a number of scientific studies of zamzam water by nano technique, if zamzam water is mixed into 1000 ordinary drops of water, then the water will have various features of zamzam water. In addition, according to scientists the originator of the theory of crystallization of water molecules assumes that zamzam water has a salt and mineral composition that remains stable. The result is that no one complained of pain after drinking Zamzam water.

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5. Cure Disease

With various features of Zamzam water, of course this holy water is able to cure various diseases in the human body. The Prophet Muhammad explained, "Indeed, this zamzam is very blessed water, it is a nutrient-containing food."

The Prophet Muhammad used zamzam water to heal people who were sick. That is why many pilgrims bring zamam water to their families. Rasulullah SAW once said, "Zamzam water is beneficial for anything intended when drinking it. If you drink in order to recover from your illness, God heals it.


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