7 reasons why you should travel to Mecca and Medina

for Muslim travelers the city of Mecca and Medina are two cities that must be visited not only because these two cities are the two holy cities of Islam but also many wonders that we need to know in the city

The following are 7 miracles of Mecca city al-Mukarramah and Madinah al-Munawwarah:

1. Ka`bah, Area Without Magnet

astronauts have discovered that the planet Earth emits a kind of radiation. Radiation around this Ka'bah has a feature that connects the Ka'bah on planet Earth with the Ka'bah in the afterlife.

In the middle between the North Pole and the South Pole, there is an area called "Territory without Magnet", which means we release data in these areas, then the compass needle will not move at all because of the attraction between the two pole.

If someone lives in Mecca, then he will be more alive, healthier and not much affected by the power of printing. And because of evolution and making us better, we will fill it with these energy and facts.
Mecca is also the center of the earth.

travel to mecca

2. Zam Zam, a spring that never dries

The zam-zam water that passes is a miracle that cannot be denied. The period of Prophet Ibrahim as. until now, the air eye has never dried up. In fact, millions of liters in a period of hemen arrive. The heart size of the zam-zam well is only 18 x 14 feet (about 5 x 4 meters).
The meaning is not large nor deep.

The results of the air sample research conducted by Tariq Hussain, an engineer who worked at the Sea Water Installation, the city of Jeddah, showed that fluoride substances that have the power to effectively kill germs, like like they already contain drugs.

Ordinary water divide in Mecca and Arabic cities, zam-zam water contains more calcium and magnesium salts. The zam-zam water makes an impact on destructive worshipers. In addition, the results of European laboratories that zam-zam water is suitable for drinking.

The Prophet saw. said: "Zam-zam water is beneficial for anything that is intended by drinking it. If you drink in order to recover from your illness, then God heals it. If you drink with the intention of feeling full, then God will satisfy you. If you drink it to lose your thirst, then God will remove your thirst. He is the air that made Gabriel, a drink from God for Ismail. "
(HR Daruqutni, Ahmad, Ibnu Majah, from Ibnu Abbas)

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3. Black Stone, Stone from Heaven

According to many histories, among others, from. Abdullah bin Umar bin Khattab, Hajar Aswad comes from heaven. The Messenger of Allah saw saying, "Hajar Aswad was sent down from heaven, the color was whiter than milk, and the sins of the descendants of Adam made it black."

At first Hajar Aswad had no black color that looked white like milk and glittered emitting brilliant light.
Abdullah bin Amr bin 'Ash ra. (7 SH-65 H) lighting the colors of Hajar Aswad from white to black due to the touch of idolaters.

According to the history of Ibn Abbas and Abdullah bin Amr bin 'Ash, Hajar Aswad was not only white but also emitted shimmering rays. If Allah Almighty. does not extinguish its luster, no human is able to see it.

In another study, they revealed that the stone of the Black Stone was stone in the world and could also blow air. In a museum in the United Kingdom, there are three stones (from the Kaaba) and the museum also says that the chunks of the stones are not from the solar system.

4. Lava deposits aged hundreds of millions of years

The area is the deposition of the young "basaltic alkali" lava of 180,000 square kilometers (appeared 10 million years ago with 2 million years ago).
The alkaline lava appears to the surface of the earth from a depth of 40 km through a 600 km fracture zone known as:
"Mecca-Medina-Nufud volcanic line".

Many volcanoes are formed along the fracture zone. Like Harrah Rahat, Harrah Ithnayn, Harrah Uwayrid and Harrah Khaybar.
Harrah Rahat is the most interesting formation, with a length of 310 km stretching from the north of Madinah to Jeddah and containing 2. 2,000 cubic kilometers of lava deposits which formed 2. 000 more small cones (scoria) and 200 craters maar.

5. Jabal Magnet (Magnetic Hill), Full Mountain of Mysteries

Jabal Magnet is located in the Mantiqo Baidho area. The location is quite far from the city of Medina, about 40 km towards the city of Tabuk.
Jabal Magnet is outside the illegitimate area, so the area is free for non-Muslim residents to visit.

If seen in plain view, actually the area of ​​Jabal Magnet is not much different from other areas in Saudi Arabia, namely arid rock hills like many that are found around the city of Medina.
It's just that when driving on the highway between the hills, we will feel an oddity. The road which is about 4 km in the hilly area is believed to have magnetic thrust.

The magnitude of the magnetic content in the hills is so that buses or other vehicles that pass through these locations can be retained or pushed up to speeds of 120 km / h, even though the driver does not include car gears.

6. Abraj Al-Bait Tower, The Highest Clock Tower in the World

This clock tower is called the Abraj Al-Bait Tower or the Meccan Royal Clock Tower. The clock tower project is carried out by a well-known contractor in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Binladin Group. The location is opposite the Grand Mosque, just above the footsteps of the Ajyad Defense Fort in the era of the Ottoman Caliph which has been torn down.

This tower is the highest clock tower in the world, beating the Palace of Culture and Scienci Clock Tower in Warsaw Poland, The Big Ben Clock Tower in London, Rajabai Clock Tower in Mumbai India, and Ann-Bradley Clock Tower in Milwaukee United States.

Every time you enter Shubuh, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha prayers, it will emit from that hour the light that is visible up to 28 km.
The beauty of the clock is more complete with 90 million golden-colored mosaic glass that adorns the four sides of the surface with motifs or patterns of flora and fauna.

This tower is designed by architects from Germany and Switzerland, and costs up to US $ 800 million.

7. Blessing the Miracle of Mecca, the Life of the Poor Has Become Easier

Poor people whose lives are difficult are everywhere. But in Mecca, poor people can live easily. In fact, the holy city of Mecca is considered one of the most expensive cities to live in, based on the high cost of accommodation in the area around the Grand Mosque.

According to Sheikh Muhammad As-Sahli, a sharia science professor at Umm Al-Qura University, poor people can make money in Mecca because of Prophet Ibrahim. pray to God for His grace for the inhabitants of the holy city.


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