Wonders when the Prophet Muhammad was born

Birth of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. on 12 Rabi, Year of the Elephant in Makkah al-Mukarramah as the opening of grace in the corners of the universe. The birth of the king into a thousand and one sign that the king would be the last messenger to convey the message of Islam. It is a major event in the history of Islam. Sire has tremendous advantages, not only be seen in the context of its birth but in the context before during and after birth.

This extraordinary event is referred to as Irhas. Irhas mean an extraordinary event for a normal human being and only given to a prophet Accordingly, there is still crowded Islamic society that does not know the events in reverse-born king. This is because there are many more secrets yet to be revealed. Actually many wonders that prevailing before the birth of Prophet Muhammad

Buddipedia Wonders when the Prophet Muhammad was born

First, during the Prophet s.a.w. in the womb mother, Aminah, he does not feel hard as experienced by women who are pregnant. Her pregnancy was realized through the news of the angel who came to him when he was sleeping. THAT angel said he was a prophet and prince render pregnant to all mankind. Besides pregnancy characterized by menstrual disconnected and the transfer of Abdullah light rather than face to face.

Secondly, when Nur Muhammad into the uterus Aminah, Allah ordered the angel that opened the door heaven paradise and tell all the inhabitants of the heavens and the earth. Disekitaran lands that are arid region into a lush, the trees are lush and fruitful. Likewise animals on land and at sea busy membincangkannya.

Third, the war of the Elephant mentioned in the Koran sura al-Fil, came to attack the city of Mecca. He chaired by the Elephant riding on an elephant named Mahmudi. When they were almost up to where the elephants stopped and berundur with the permission of Allah. However, a flock of birds Ababil come to attack and destroy them, as referred to in the Koran.

This event is astonishing and narrated in the books of history.

Fourth, Aminah has experienced an amazing dream. He collected the hands to the sky and see for themselves the angels come down from heaven. He likened the white cotton floating in space. Then the angel standing in front of him. He said "Khabar happy for you, O mother rather than a prophet. Son brother was a helper and liberator of man. Name the she Ahmad."

During the birth of Prophet Muhammad, Asiya and Mary accompanied Aminah. In this case it is a gesture THAT Prophet Muhammad is higher in rank than Jesus and Moses. This situation is described in the Torah and the Gospel THAT will come a prophet in the end times. During the king was born, his mother watched nur or light out of the king's body weight. The light that illuminates the palace to Busra in Syria. He is seen as if like arrows from a distance like a rainbow so that the cities can be seen. THAT there is also an opinion that light comes and illuminates the whole world. This can be explained by the sources of the earliest Arab states THAT a light radiated from Amina's womb when the king was born. Aminah himself saw the king in a state of lying with his hands raised to the sky like a prayer. Then her mother see the clouds descending over her so that he heard a cry "Lead him around the earth East and West, so that they know and he will abolish all things shirk". After that the cloud disappeared than Aminah view.

Half the states history prophet was born in a state of looking toward the sky as he put his hand to the ground as a sign height of dignity of all creatures. It also said on the eve of the birth of the king, idols contained in it were damaged and extinction.

According to history than to Abdul Muttalib, "When I was in the Temple, suddenly idols fall from its place and prostration to God. Then I heard a voice from the Temple wall says," was born the prophet options that will destroy the infidels and mensucikanku than berhala- This idol worship and will command the All-Knowing. "

Also in other places also a shock force in mahligai mahligai D'Andrea and cause the cracks, when fourteen pole serial collapse. This situation is in the sign - a sign of the collapse of the empire. However, in countries Parsi fire that never goes out nearly a thousand years had been extinguished by itself. The fire is the fire gods Majusi people were regarded as gods. The shocking events of the Parsi.

At the same time, on the eve of the birth of the king, Lake Sava sacred sunk into the ground. After the king was born, shooting stars became often a sign of devils and jinn THAT knowledge of the unseen matter is finished.

Based on these events it is clear the birth of Prophet Muhammad has its own privileges. This is because the king is khatamun nubuwwah, cover all the prophets. -perkara Exceptional cases this has proven to us the glory of the king on the side of God, as well as proof of his apostleship.

In addition, proof of evidence is also described in the book of previous books such as the Torah, the Psalms and the Gospel as the last apostle



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