Why Israel was never able to master gaza? (A miracle in gaza)

Gaza, that's the name of a stretch of land covering an area of ​​no more than 360 square kilometers. Being in South Palestine, "sandwiched" between the Zionist occupiers of land controlled by Israel, Egypt, and the Mediterranean Sea, and surrounded by a wall along its land.

Israel has long been "ardent" dominate the region. However, let alone master, to enter into it just Israel very difficult.
There have been many ways they do to beat this small town. Meeting blockade which makes the people of Gaza difficulty obtaining foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, and energy, have been conducted since 2006 until now. However, residents of Gaza persisted, even resistance Gaza over the Zionist occupation intensified.

Buddipedia Why Israel was never able to master gaza? (A miracle in gaza)

Israel eventually attack "all-out" to the region since December 27, 2008 until January 18, 2009. They "mengguyurkan" hundreds of tons of bombs and mobilize all forces to its reserve forces.

However, once again, the state classified as having the strongest military in the world had to withdraw from Gaza.

On paper, the ability of AK 47 guns, RPG anti-tank rockets, mines, as well as several types of locally made rockets are commonly used by the mujahideen of Palestine, will not be able to confront Israeli troops backed known Merkava tank greatest in the world. Moreover, the face of advanced fighter aircraft F-16 Apache combat helicopters, and thousands of tons "sophisticated bombs" made in the USA.

But there is no "other forces" that makes the mujahideen are able to make "the invaders" was to pull out of Gaza to face downcast, though only armed with ancient weapons.

That is the help of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala given to fighters devout and sincere. The story of the emergence of "other forces" who fought alongside the mujahideen, sweet fragrant bodies of the martyrs, as well as some "strange events" other during the battle, has been circulating among the people of Gaza, written by the journalist, even broadcast preachers Palestinian sermons Friday they.

The following is a summary of "miraculous stories" from various sources for us to remember and ponder.

Forces "Uniformed White" in Gaza ...

There are "other forces" helped the mujahideen of Palestine. Israeli forces itself acknowledges the existence of the white-uniformed troops.

One day in late January 2009, a family-owned house Dardunah located between Jabal Al Kasyif and Jabal Al Rais, precisely in the way Al Qaram, was visited by a group of Israeli forces.

All family members were ordered to sit in a room. One boy was interrogated about the characteristics of the fighters of al-Qassam.

When interrogated, as written Filisthin site Al Aan (25/1/2009), citing the story of a Mujahideen al-Qassam, the man replied honestly that the al-Qassam fighters dressed in black. However, the soldier became angry and beat up the poor man was unconscious.

For three consecutive days, each asked, the man replied that the al-Qassam fighters wearing black uniforms. Finally, the army was furious and said aloud, "O liar! They were in white! "

Another story that conveyed the Palestinian population in the site belongs to Izzuddin al-Qassam Brigades, al-Multaqa Qasami, also mentions the existence of "other forces" unknown. Initially, an ambulance was stopped by a group of Israeli forces. The driver asked if he was from Hamas or Fatah? The poor driver responded, "I'm not a group everywhere. I only ambulance driver. "

But the Israeli army was still ask,

"The troops were dressed in white behind you before, enter which group?"


The driver was confused, because he saw no one behind him. "I do not know," the only answer he had.

The story about the "unknown force" also came from a resident of flats area of ​​Tal Islam explosives fled with her family to escape Israeli attacks.

On the steps of the house he saw a few warriors cry. "Why are you crying?" He asked.

"We cried not because our state of being worried or scared of the enemy. We cry because it is not our fight. There is another group fighting devastated the enemy, and we do not know where they came from, "he said.

Witness Israeli soldier ...

The story of "white-uniformed soldiers" not only revealed by the mujahideen of Palestine or Gaza residents. Some personnel of the Israeli army has said the same thing.

Al-Qassam website reported that Israel's TV Channel 10 has broadcast a member of the forces who participated in the Gaza fighting and returned in a state of blind.

"When I was in Gaza, a soldier dressed in white came up to me and sprinkled sand in my eyes, until that moment I was blind," said a member of this squad.

Elsewhere there are Israeli soldiers who said they had been dealing with "ghosts". They do not know where it came, when the emergence of, and where the disappearance.

Still from Channel 10, another Israeli soldier said,

"We are dealing with forces dressed in white with a long beard. We shoot with weapons, but they do not die. "

This story tickles many viewers. They were asked to Channel 10, the white-uniformed troops who exactly is it?

Whether it is a white-clad troops ANGELS help of Allah, as Allah has helped in the battle of Badr in the Qur'an?

"(Remember) when you invoke the aid of the Lord, then allowed him to you:" Behold, I will bring reinforcements to you with a thousand angels who came in succession ". (QS. 8: 9)

Not Sourced sound ...

There is another story of karamah mujahideen this time mentioned by mosque officials Izzuddin Al Qassam in the Nashirat Gaza that has been aired by TV channel Al Quds, which was also written by Dr. Aburrahman Al Jamal in the Al Qassam entitled ayaat Ar Rahman fi Jihad Al Furqan ( Signs of Allah in Jihad Al Furqan).

The preacher told me, a fighter has planted a mine that has been prepared to welcome the Zionist forces through the streets.

"I have planted a mine. I then saw a helicopter lowered a large number of troops accompanied by tanks trooped towards the street where I planted mines, "said fighters earlier.

Finally, the fighters decided to return to base because he thought that mines will not work optimally. Understandably, the number of enemies very much.

However, before he left the site, the warrior heard the sound "Utsbut, tsabatkallah" mean more or less, "remains in place then God strengthen you." That remark he heard repeated three times.

"I am looking around to find out who said it was hello to me. But we would be surprised, because no one was with me, "said the Mujahideen, as quoted by the preacher.

Finally, the fighters decided to remain at the site. When a passing tank mines were planted, something "magic" happens. Mines that just exploded very powerful. Tanks that are nearby immediately destroyed. Many Israeli soldiers died instantly. Most of them had to be transported by helicopter. "As for myself are safe," Mujahid said it again, through the tongue of the preacher.

The story told by an Egyptian writer, Hisham Hilali, in alraesryoon.com sites, supporting previous stories. Abu Mujahid, a fighter who did ribath (guard) said,

"When I observed the movement of tanks on the border of the city, and no one was around, but I hear the voice of people who glorify and beritighfar. I repeatedly tried to ascertain the origin of the voice, I finally ensure that it does not come out unless the sound of rocks and sand. "

Already Exploding, Mines Still Intact ...

An event "strange" happened in South Gaza, precisely in the area of ​​AI Maghraqah. At that time the Mujahideen were booby-trap. When stalling cable, suddenly an Israeli spy plane spotted them. Bombs also fell into that location.

Fortunately, the Mujahideen survived. However, cable pengubung mines and triggers that was about to be connected become disconnected. There is no chance to connect it, because the plane was still circling above.

Shortly thereafter, several Israeli tanks approached the location where mines are planted. Not just passed, the tanks were actually stopped right on top of the explosive that it has no function.

What power, the Mujahideen can not do anything. Clear mines cables may not be connected, while Israeli tanks had gathered just above mine.

They felt very sad, even cried when she saw the sight. Others prayed, "allahumma kama lam tumakkinna minhum, allahumma la tumakkin lahum," whose meaning, "O God, as you do not give us the opportunity to face them and make them also do not have the same opportunity."

Suddenly, when dawn arrived, there was a miracle. Huge explosion sounded exactly at the location of planting a mine that was not functioning.

After Israeli soldiers left with losses due lersebut blast, fighters immediately melihal the blast site. It is strange, it turns out all the mines they have planted it still intact. From where datangnva explosion? Allaah knows best.

Still of Al Maghraqah region. When the Israeli army fired artillery into one of the houses, until the house was on fire and the fire spread to the house next to it, the Mujahideen seized with anxiety if the fire was getting out of control.

One of the mujahideen, and prayed, "O the One who changed the fire became cool and do no harm to Ibrahim, padamkanlah fire by your power."

So, no more than three minutes, the fire was extinguished. The mujahideen moved to tears because they feel God Subhanuhu wa Ta'ala (SWT) has given help with their prayers terkabulnya immediately.

Pigeons and dogs ...

When the mujahideen squashed, animals and nature suddenly helped, and even transformed into something scary.

A Palestinian Mujahid said "strange story" others to the site Filithin Al Aan (25/1/2009). While serving in the region of Jabal Al Rais, the fighters saw a pigeon flying with a squeaky voice, which passed before Israeli missiles fell in the region.

The fighters who also saw the dove directly capturing the gesture to convey the pigeons.

Once the pigeon was passed, the Mujahideen immediately take refuge in their hiding places. It turns out their hunch was right. A few moments later Israeli bombs rain came. The Resistance was saved.

Adalagi "miracle stories" about a dog, as reported by Al Aan Filithin site. One day, when a set of Mujahideen Al Qassam do ribath in front in the middle of the night, suddenly appeared Israeli military dog ​​doberman types. The dog apparently was specially trained to help Israeli troops discovered a weapons storage and hiding militants.

This big dog approaching appeared unfriendly attitude. One of the Mujahideen then approached the dog and said to him, "We are fighters in the way of Allah, and we were ordered to remain in this place. Therefore, stay away from us, and do not pose a problem for us. "

After that, the dog sat down with two hands extended forward and silent. Finally, one other mujahideen to her and gave her some korma. With calm dogs that eat the palm, then turned to go.

Join the mist Helps ...

There is also an interesting story that is delivered by a field commander in the refugee camp of Al Qassam Nashirat, immediately after dhuhur after prayers in the mosque of Al Qassam (01/17/2009).

At that time a group of mujahideen who do ribath in Tal Ajul besieged by Israeli tanks and their special forces. From above, spy planes continue to watch.

In the current position of the Mujahideen pinched, thick fog suddenly fell on that night. The fog has covered the eyes of Israeli soldiers and help the mujahideen forces out of the siege.

A similar case narrated by Abu Ubaidah. one of the leaders of Al Qassam field, as written almesryoon.com site (is no longer accessible). He recalled how thick fog suddenly dropped and petrified fighters to carry out attacks.

Initially, the mujaheddin forces were waiting for the right time to approach the Israeli army tanks in order to blow it up. "Do not forget we pray to God to be facilitated to carry out this attack," said Abu Ubaidah.

Suddenly there was a thick fog in the area. Iraqi Resistance forces immediately moved slipped in between the tanks, planting mines nearby, and immediately leave the premises unnoticed spy plane that filled the sky of Gaza, or by Israeli infantry troops who were surrounding the military vehicle. Five Israeli soldiers were killed on the spot and dozens were injured after the mines had exploded.

Because of the atrocities of the Zionist Jews, all of God's creatures to fight, Maha true words of the Prophet Muhammad in the hadith:

Judgment Day will not happen until the Muslims fight the Jews. Muslims killing Jews until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees. But the stone or the tree said, "O Muslim, O servant of Allah, this Jew behind me, come and kill. Unless Gharqad tree (which is not the case), because it includes the Jewish tree. "(Narrated in Saheeh Muslim Jami 'al-Sagheer no. 7427)

"Then the (actual) is not you who killed them, but it is God who killed them, and not you who threw when you threw, but Allah Who throws. (God do so to destroy them) and to give victory to the believers, with a good win. Surely Allah is Hearing, Knowing. That (the gift of God bestowed on you), and Allah weaken the guile of the disbelievers. "(Surah 8: 17-18)

Congratulations With the Qur'an ...

This story began when one of the fighters who entered the hospital suffering from injuries As Shifa '. A doctor who examined surprised to learn there was a bullet lodged in the pocket fighters.

Which makes it very shocked is a hot lead that failed to penetrate the heart of the warrior because it was blocked by a prayer books and manuscripts of the Qur'an which is always located in the pocket of the warrior.

Kumpulun prayer book was perforated, but only the front cover Manuscripts that are damaged, while the projectile itself shape is "a mess".

This story witnessed by Dr Hisam Az Zaghah, and when he told the Jordan Medical Association Festival party websites written as Al Ikhwan Al Muslim Brotherhood (01/23/2009).

Dr. Hisam also showed evidence of a bullet, Manuscripts of the Qur'an, as well as a book of prayers entitled Hishnul Muslims who resist the bullets.

Abu Ahid, imam at Masjid An-Nur Sheikh Hay As Ridzwan, also has an interesting story. Earlier, Israel had fired three missiles into a mosque was to not only left but rubble. "But Manuscripts-Manuscripts of the Qur'an remain favorably and not touched anything," he said while endlessly glorify.

"We have encountered some Manuscripts open right in the verses that preach about victory and patience, as the word of God,

"And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger, lack of wealth, life, and fruits. And give glad tidings to those who patiently, ie people who, when misfortune befalls them say, 'Indeed, we belong to Allah and to Him we return, "(Al-Baqarah [2]: 155-156)."

Abu Ahid clearly quoted as saying Islam Online (15/01/2009).

Fragrant bodies of the Martyrs ...

Abdullah As Shani is a member unity sniper (sniper) al-Qassam missiles targeted Israeli F-16 aircraft when it was at a security post in Nashirat, Gaza.

The bodies of the field commander of al-Qassam and special guards Hamas leaders have "disappeared" after being hit by a missile. For two days the body was searched, it was already destroyed nothing left except bits of the head and chin. Fragments of bodies were then collected and taken home by his family for burial.

Before burial, as released syiria-aleppo.com website (24.01.2009), bits of the corpse was interred in a family room in the house. Some time later, suddenly appeared scent of musk of body fragments of storage room earlier.

Family Abdullah As Shani 'shocked and told those who knew the fighter who has Kuniyah (nickname) Abu Hamzah.

Then, dozens of people busy to come to the house to smell the aroma coming from the body fragments were placed in a plastic bag.

In fact, according to the family, 20 days after the death of a man who does not like to show this regular practice, it returned a fragrant aroma Rungan same meet.

The same story happened also on the bodies of Musa Hasan Abu Nar, Al Qassam fighters were also martyred by Israeli air strikes in Nashiriyah. Dr. Abdurrahman Al Jamal, author who lives in Gaza, joined smelled the blood on a piece of cloth that Musa Hasan Abu Nar. Although the fabric has been washed many times, the smell was still fragrant.

Chairman of the Egyptian Amal Party, Majdi Ahmad Husain, witnessed the scent of the bodies of the martyrs. As reported by Al Quds Al Arabi (01/19/2009), while still in Gaza, he said,

"I have visited most of the towns and villages. I would like to see the buildings that were destroyed by Israeli attacks. Believe me, that I smell the fragrance of the martyrs. "

Two Week Death, Blood Still Flowing ...

Yasir Ali Ukasyah deliberately went into Gaza in order to join the militia wing of Hamas fighters, Izzuddin al-Qassam Brigades. He left Egypt after the gates of Rafah, which links Egypt-Gaza, opened a few months ago.

Earlier, the young man who likes to memorize the Qur'an had a chance to follow the graduation Huffadz (the penghafal) of the Qur'an in Gaza and join the Mujahideen to obtain military training. Before entering Gaza, at the end of a meeting with one of her friends in Rafah, he asked for prayer to obtain martyrdom.

Good thing can not be denied, the poor can not be achieved, the land of jihad in Gaza, he has obtained what he aspired. Yasir martyred in a battle with Israeli troops in Jabaliya refugee camp.

Because of the terrain, the new body could be evacuated after two weeks of his death in the battle field.

Despite two weeks passed, the fighters who participated evacuate witness that fresh blood 21-year-old boy was still flowing and not physically damaged. The condition is similar to those who are asleep.

Before the martyr, the fighters had offered him to marry a Palestinian girl, but he refused. "I left family and homeland due to greater things than that," he replied.

The news about the condition of the bodies of young men who have Kuniyah Abu Hamza circulated among the population of Gaza. The preacher also make it a material of their Friday sermon on the signs of the wonders of the Gaza war. This story was also published by the Arab Times (7/2/2009)

Killed 1,000, Born 3000 ...

Missing thousand, growing three thousand. Apparently, this phrase fits pinned to the population of Gaza. The people of Gaza grief over the loss of 1,412 lives her son, treated with the birth of 3,700 babies during the 22-day Israeli onslaught against this small town.

Hamam Nisman, Director of the Department of Social Affairs in the Ministry of Health stated that the Gaza government within 22 days 3,700 babies born in Gaza.

"They were born between December 27, 2008 to January 17, 2009, when Israel carried out the attack that caused the death of 1,412 people of Gaza, the majority women and children," he said.

January was recorded as the highest birth rate compared to previous months. Each year 50 thousand cases of birth recorded in Gaza. And, within one month of carrying 3,000 to 4,000 births. But in the 22-day Israeli offensive, we recorded 3,700 births and in the rest of the month of January was 1,300 births. Means in January an increase in births to 1,000 cases.

The ratio between deaths and births in Gaza is not the same. The birth rate, he explained, reaching 50 thousand per year, while the death of up to 5 thousand.

"Israel deliberately killed the women and children to remove the future of Gaza. A total of 440 children and 110 women had been killed and 2,000 children and 1,000 women were injured. "



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