Each of which Allah commanded or forbidden there must be wisdom it. If God forbid something there must be evil in it, if God justifies there must be something good in it for the survival of human beings on this earth. That is the miracle of Islam.

"And (Allah) justifies those good things and forbids for them and bad things." (Qs.Al-A'raaf: 157)

A number of modern medical studies proving that exercise and sport such as prayer is very dangerous for menstruating women. For women who are praying, when prostration and bowing will increase blood circulation to the uterus. The cells of the uterus and ovaries as spleen cells that suck blood.
women who are menstruating, if prayed to lose blood continue to occur over a period of 3-7 days.

Buddipedia SCIENTIFIC FACT why NOT WORKING WOMEN HENA as prayer and fasting

The duration depends on the cycle of menstruation respectively, and the amount of blood loss ranged between 34 milli litern cause a lot of blood flow to the uterus and blood loss continuously also lead to women more easily tired, had higher levels of emotional ups and downs, as well as susceptible to anemia because through The exit of blood he lost iron mineral that is essential for the body .. the same levels in other liquids.

 If the menstruating women prayed, immune substances in the body will be destroyed. Because white blood cells play a role in immunity will be lost through menstrual blood.

If a woman praying during menstruation, then he will lose large amounts of blood. This means it will lose white blood cells. If this happens then the entire organs such as the spleen and brain disease.

Perhaps this is the great miracle of Allah's wisdom behind the prohibition law that menstruating women to pray until he is holy. Koran very carefully mentions

"They ask you about menstruation. Say: "Haidh it is a dirt". therefore, you shall abstain from women at the time of menstruation; and do not approach them, before they are holy. "(Qs.Al-Baqarah: 222)
Then Why Women are also prohibited Fasting, this is proof of the wonders of the Qur'an.

Fasting is not recommended for women due to Maintain Nutritional intake of food that is inside the body and physical health caused by loss of blood that comes out makes Easy Tired, had higher levels of emotional ups and downs, and are vulnerable to anemia.

The Medical recommends that when in a state of menstruation, women get plenty of rest and eating nutritious foods. Blood agar and metals (magnesium, iron) in the body that is valuable not wasted.

During the period of menstruation, a woman should pay more attention to nutrition and physical health conditions. Like eating iron-rich foods (eg, spinach, meat, and ati gizzard), foods high in protein (such as eggs and fish), high-fiber foods (leafy vegetables and fruits), and a source of vitamin C which helps iron absorption inside the body. Under certain conditions, women are encouraged to consume iron tablet that is rich in iron to assist in the formation of blood and prevent anemia.

Well, you can imagine if the women who are still obliged to fast menstruation, many women will suffer from chronic anemia KO and because all hdupnya he should fast when he should require nutrition and enough iron for his health



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