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many people do not know how the Pyramids were built. Pharaoh in building the pyramid using a large number of stones up to two million stones, many argue that the ancient Egyptians had the ability to lift millions of stone that weighs about five or six thousand kilograms.

Scientists have long been confusion about how a pyramid is one of miraculous building in the world was formed. There are various theories put forward to determine the technology used in the construction of this pyramid because the technology to lift huge boulders weighing thousands of kilograms to the top of the building has not been possible in his day. What is the secret behind the construction of the Pyramids?

Buddipedia miracle construction of the pyramids

Recent research says that the pyramid was built from clay and heat. United Daily Times published the 01/12/06 edition of the scientific news which confirms that the Pharaohs used clay to build pyramids.

According to the French-American study, it is mentioned that the stone used to make the pyramid is of clay is heated to form a hard rock that is difficult to distinguish from natural stone.

Scientists say that the Pharaoh adept in the field of chemistry in processing the clay so that it becomes a normal rock. Techniques they use very mystery seen from the specifications rock they leave. Professor Gilles Hug. and Dr. Michel Barsoum asserted that the biggest pyramid in Giza, is made of two types of rock that consists of original stone and rocks made manually the results of the processed clay.


Review article published by the magazine "Journal of the American Ceramic Society" confirms that the Pharaohs used the land to build the type of slurry high monuments, including the Pyramids. Since it is impossible for a person to lift the weight of thousands of kilograms of rock above the peaks of the building. Otherwise on the basis of the Pyramids, Pharaohs use native or natural stone.
Professor Davidovits has taken the largest pyramid rock samples for analysis using an electron microscope on the stone. As a result, Davidovits asserted that the stone was made of mud. During this time, without the use of an electron microscope, geologists have not been able to distinguish between natural stone with man-made stone.
He said sludge is a mixture of lime sludge which is heated with salt water and this will result in the formation of a mixture of clay. Then processed was poured into the space provided on the wall Pyramid. To sum up the mud that has been stirred by a desired size is burned, and put in place that has been provided in the wall Pyramid.
Earlier, a scientist Belgium, Guy Demortier, has spent years searching for an answer from the manufacture of large rocks at the tops of the pyramids. Guy Demortier said, "After many years of investigation and study, now then I am sure that the pyramids are located in Egypt made using clay."
So also with the French scientist who conducted research on the Pyramids of Bosnia or the "Pyramid of the Sun", Professor French Joseph Davidovits have experimented for twenty years and just discovered that the pyramids are built of mud, especially in the high where it is difficult to raise the natural stone.
Finally, the mystery was solved pyramid building among scientists and researchers after many years doing in-depth research.
Scientific information Qur'an
An amazing fact that the Qur'an has provided information on this subject. If examined more deeply, it turns Qur'an has described this case 1,400 years ago, before the scientific studies carried out. Consider the following verses:

وقال فرعون يا أيها الملأ ما علمت لكم من إله غيري فأوقد لي يا هامان على الطين فاجعل لي صرحا لعلي أطلع إلى إله موسى وإني لأظنه من الكاذبين

"And Pharaoh said: 'O my people! Enlarger, I do not know god for you besides me. Then burn O Haman me over the clay and build me a lofty tower so that I can climb up to the God of Moses, and in fact I was really convinced that he is of the liars. "(Surah, Al-Qasas' 28:38)

Research reveals that high-rise buildings of the past such as the pyramids are built of clay are heated! And the most amazing is that the Qur'an has revealed this fact very clearly in line with what the pharaoh at the time. The Qur'an is the first book that describes the secret of building pyramids, not the French or the American scientists.
We know that the Prophet Muhammad Shallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam never went to Egypt and never see the Pyramids, probably never even heard of him. The story of Pharaoh, occurred before the Prophet's life thousands of years ago, and no one else on earth at that time knew about the secret of the Pyramids. Prior to this, scientists do not know for sure that Pharaoh clay heated to foster high monument except for the last few years.
Subhanallah, 1400 years ago, Prophet Muhammad, hundreds of years after the end of the dynasty Pharaoh tells through Allah that Pharaoh build a monument that is now recognized as a pyramid using clay.
This fact is very clear and strong enough to prove that Muhammad was not talking to follow the instructions of his own desires but God Subhana Wa Ta'ala, the God who created and drowned Pharaoh, and he also who saved Moses. And He is also the last prophet told him this would be a scientific nature, and this has been a witness to the truth of his prophetic later.
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