Miracle of Crow in ISLAM

WHY God chose birds as the Ravens first TEACHERS mankind and did not choose His other creatures?

As where we know that the murder was first man is between two children Adam, Cain and Abel when Cain killed Abel, because the wiles of the devil la'natullah who smuggle envy, jealousy and hasud to Adam and all his descendants.

Then Allah. Crow sends birds to teach the children and grandchildren of Adam how to bury their deceased fellow.

Buddipedia Miracle of Crow in ISLAM

Why is that?

Crow bird because birds are the most clever and ingenious in comparison with other birds. And Allah. has an instinct about this craft.

After doing research, it turns raven has a brain size larger than the brains of other birds. And crows always lived together as man group that always bersosial with the community.

They have a leader or judge who will punish wrongdoers among them, this is the nature that God gave birds always Crow.

Any errors among birds Ravens have penalties each, the following are examples:

1. When one of them took the food ration for children Crow, then the penalty is a group of Crow would pecking until the feathers of the raven-out so that the Ravens bald and could not do anything else like children Ravens before adulthood ,

2. When a Crow Crow hurt another woman, then a group of Crow will attack him with their beaks to death.

The executions carried out in farmland or in a wide area, so that the trial process was witnessed by their group, and Crow defendant taken to guard by a group of other surrounding Crow. The Ravens then ditundukan his head, lowered his wings and held for berkoak in recognition of his guilt.

When Crow defendant was sentenced to death, the other crows will attack him with their beaks to death.

And after Crow was dead, then one of them would take and dig a hole to bury the soil honor of corpses.

Until now, scientists who conducted research on the intricacies of the animals said that only Gagaklah that buried his corpse when it dies.

So how birds uphold Crow's justice of the divine nature, is better than the equity owned by mankind.
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